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Christchurch, New Zealand | Cape Town, South Africa



Carlin Archer (Christchurch / Cape Town)

I'm a web site developer and social entrepreneur focusing on custom web sites, apps and database development projects through my web development company Redweb.

Redweb - Christchurch, New Zealand
Redweb - Cape Town, South Africa

I'm also a social entrepreneur developing web sites that will hopefully help make the world a better place :-)

Food With A Story
Ecobob - New Zealand
Local Me - New Zealand
Local Me - South Africa


I grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and have worked in IT for most of my professional life. I began working as a web software developer in New Zealand in 1999. I then worked in London for 3 years on various projects as well as 1 year living and working in Sydney, Australia.

I returned from Sydney to set up Redweb.co.nz a web site development company and consultancy in Christchurch. Redweb focuses on developing custom web sites, web applications and databases tailored to the needs of my clients. As well as being hands on doing most of the development work I manage a small team of web designers and developers to ensure clients get a successful web site from both a technical and user interface / design perspective.

5 years after running Redweb in New Zealand I moved around the world to Cape Town, South Africa where I started Redweb.co.za.

After nearly 6 years in Cape Town, I returned to Christchurch once again. Most of my current projects are either from Christchurch, New Zealand or Cape Town but I have clients from all over the world - Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, USA and more.

My focus at the moment is on web development / app development and database development work through Redweb and a new join venture, Pixlbox.co. If you're interested in finding out more about how I can help you develop a custom web site or online database please contact me via carlinarcher@gmail.com.

Along with my software development work I'm also interested in exploring ways to use internet based technology to improve the world. Three projects I am actively involved in are Local Me (NZ & ZA), FoodWithAStory.co.za and Ecobob.co.nz.

While in Cape Town I spent a bit of time on the Food With A Story project, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the impact food has on the planet and to help people in South Africa make better choices about the food they eat.

In February, March and April 2012 my wife Deni and I spent three months travelling around South Africa as part of a 'Real Food Trip'. We visited a wide variety of amazing artisanal food produces across the country - it is inspiring to see what people are doing out there in the way of sustainable food production.

In New Zealand I keep an eye on the latest developments in sustainable architecture and building as part of the Ecobob.co.nz project. It's a goal of mine to build a sustainable house using as many ecologically friendly features as possible. With rising energy costs and increasing environmental damage I think it is imperative we build houses that have a lower impact on the planet.

Technical skillset

  • MS SQL Server
  • .NET MVC
  • .NET Forms
  • Javascript / jQuery etc
  • Windows Applications
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • Application architecture
  • Unity Game Engine
  • Mobile app development

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“Carlin was presented a series of difficult and somewhat intricate workings to a rebuild on our existing site that was originally built 14 years ago. Carlin came through shining with his solutions and eventual end product for us. He has now become my right hand man and I would be completely lost without his knowledge, work ethic and his wonderful ability to get the job done on time. I have no hesitation in recommending Carlin for any small or large project.”
Steve Thomas MD, Attorneys.co.za
“Carlin is a passionate advocate of sustainability and a deep thinker who runs a company that offers excellent website solutions, web promotion, search engine marketing, and online software development.”
Jan Harrison Regional Manager, Sustainable Business Network
“I am a big admirer of the work Carlin did as owner of Ecobob and developer of Greenlist, particularly his fantastic ability to build robust online communities. He is passionate about helping others minimise their impact on the planet, and is brilliant at ferretting out homes and businesses that are leading the way. He is a warm, easy-going and cheerful person to deal with.”
Annabel (Crerar) McAleer, Freelance writing, editing and communications
“Carlin and Redweb = truly amazing. Carlin built a complete site with database with many other features while we were 15000 km apart! Very professional and reliable. Good work - I reccomend him to all.”
Rhein Britz, General Manager at AYTB (Saudi Arabia)
“I am constantly impressed with the quality of work Carlin has produced, and with the breadth and depth of his experience and work expertise. He is a visionary strategic thinker with a talent for implementing his designs in an effective and timely manner.”
Iain Sanders Managing Director at Design for Innovation
“I have worked with Carlin a number of times on IT related projects. He is thoughtful and can bring new ideas to the table to produce a professional result.”
Matthew Lamb Owner of CODEBASE Limited
“Carlin and the Redweb team have worked as a service partner on numerous web build projects for many different types of businesses. We have always found their services to be efficient, technically competent and well within market rates.”
Alf Walker Owner of Zoo Creative Limited
“We engaged Carlin to create the EWOF database and web site in 2008. Carlin has a strong interest in sustainabilty so he understood our concept from the first meeting. We were really happy with the final website in particular the background functionality for the administrator. Carlin has continued to provide timely updates to the site and I would recommend him to others.”
Jeska McNicol Partner at McHugh & Shaw
“I have known Carlin for a number of years. He is hardworking, honest and a delight to spend time with. I have been happy to refer him to my clients and have used him myself.”
Amy (McDermott) Carter Communications professional and company owner
“Carlin has been a pleasure to deal with at Ecobob - clearly an astute business professional.”
Simon Dyer Founder and CEO, 2CLight Co Ltd
“I have worked with Carlin on 2 large projects - I have found him to be very professional to work with and he has developed some great customised web applications. He listens to the client’s requirements and also suggest improvements that will give them an edge.”
Monica Tattersall Director at WebProjects
“I have hired Carlin - Redweb on many separate occasions to update our website. I have always found him to be professional and easy to work with. Reasonable fees and on time delivery.”
Emma Pollard, Managing Director Virtual View Ltd (3D Visualisation)
“I've had the pleasure of working with Carlin on more than one occasion. I've recommended him to my own clients who've been very happy with the experience and the results. He is fair, honest, experienced and professional in his advice and services. Carlin most recently requested my design services in creating the look and feel to a website he developed. His experience, advice and support elevated the design process resulting in a great site for the customer. On a personal note: Carlin's beliefs, environmental awareness and 'stand up and make a difference by doing something' attitude inspires me every day.”
Leo Minnie, Graphic Designer at Leo Loves Design